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About Stephan Nashoba

Stephan Nashoba has lived at Twin Oaks since January 2014 and works in so many areas that there's usually no blank lines left on their labor sheet at the end of the week. In their spare time, Stephan enjoys rock climbing, cuddles, and consuming a wide variety of potato products.

Gluten-Free Consent

I recently compared consent culture at Twin Oaks to my gluten-free diet. Let me explain… So before I transitioned to a mostly paleo-ish diet, I was doing the general Standard American Diet (SAD) thing and didn’t really think that anything … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved!

Turns out that if a tree falls in the woods and lands on a hammock, it is still comfortable to lie in 😉

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Nailed It!

Twin Oaks is popular enough that we’ve been at or near pop cap for a bit and for the foreseeable future, but that means there’s not much time or space for necessary room improvements since rooms aren’t vacant for very … Continue reading

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The Secret Life of Equipment Maintenance

There are several types of jobs at Twin Oaks, some more visible than others. For instance, dairy and gardening are highly visible since the first thing you notice when driving up our driveway is cows and plants. Other things only … Continue reading

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Gravel Fairies

One of the great things about sharing stuff is that you never know what treasures you might find that someone else has given up. Imagine my delight when I was walking past the “grabs bench” in front of Harmony (where the … Continue reading

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